Evening Standard

Dream doctor who's offering women help

by James Tennant

A medical specialist has invented an orgasm cream for women that really, truly works. What? You need to know more? Some people are never satisfied, but she will be with a jar of Dr K's Dream Cream.

A quick dab here and, er, there and 20 minutes later, fireworks - maybe even a Nasa launch. This is the stuff ladies; what you've all been waiting for. Joy in a jar.

At least that's what Manhattan-based urologist Dr Jed Kaminetsky claims. Behind his desk is a six-inch thick stack of printed e-mail order forms in response to his web-site, www.loveenhancement.com. There's a special introductory offer for $59.99 a tub - around £44 - enough for 10 to 12 applications, with shipping and handling costing $5.95. All major credit cards accepted. Overseas orders not a problem.

Dr Kaminetsky looks tired, poor chap. Perhaps it's all that shipping and handling. Maybe it's because he admits to using his wife as a guinea pig. He is just about to leave for a holiday in Italy. Mrs Kaminetsky is also coming. Sorry, going along with him.

Outside his consulting rooms, high above Lexington Avenue, is a magnificent view of the Empire State Building. It rears up, proud and tall, appropriately.

"Women have felt left out for a long time," said Dr Kaminetsky. He's talking about the revolution ushered in by the anti-impotence drug Viagra which meant never having to say you're sorry, for men at least. With a flash of intuition, he realised Viagra was only treating half the problem.

"Sex is much more difficult for women than men," he said. "A man has sex and he knows how it is going to end. Most women have to work hard for their orgasms. Some never have them at all. Forty-three per cent of women have experienced some form of sexual dys-function. Believe me, 43 per cent of men wouldn't put up with that."

So he began experimenting. The first version of the Dream Cream had an engaging schoolboy logic to it. He crushed Viagra into powder and mixed in a gel. Too gritty. The first proper Dream Cream was prescription-only. Later he began developing a diluted version that could be sold over the counter and found, to his surprise, that it worked better. The main ingredient is an amino acid called L-Arginine, which improves the blood supply around the vaginal area but is more commonly found in health food shops as a vitamin supplement.

THE CREAM is odourless, tasteless and has the texture of moisturiser. The jar could sit quite happily in a bathroom cabinet or on a bedside table next to the mascara. Even the cleaner wouldn't guess its secret. Mind you, it might become obvious if she does.

On the streets of New York it did not take long for the world's most assertive women to beat a path to Dr Kaminetsky's website. He sold 900 jars last week by mail order. He claims that the cream is not about to make him a wealthy man, but listen to those cries of ecstasy. And that's only his bank manager.

The cream is not a drug like Viagra. It does not need the approval of the American Food and Drug Administration. Still, some women who experiment with Viagra say they have found it gives them headaches, and some men who take Viagra have had heart-attacks.

Dr Kaminetsky makes no promises for his Dream Cream. He just has the testimony of satisfied customers. Mrs "JD" from Long Island writes: "My husband has to peel me off of him when I use the Dream Cream." A dancer from New York City crows: "My husband wants to buy a truckload of Dr K's Dream Cream. It was out of this world!"

A lot of husbands are also buying the cream, he says. One woman from New Orleans compared sex using Dream Cream to the city's famous gumbo stew. "It's better with a little spice in it, she told me," said Dr Kaminetsky.

The enthusiasm for the product seems to reveal a new mood among women, on the other side of the Atlantic at least. Dr Kaminetsky now treats as many women as men for sexual problems. He is also experimenting with other treatments, particularly testosterone for women about to enter the menopause. Mrs K also helped out with this one. "I gave her a little dab," he said. "She said it gave her a whole new understanding of the male race."

It seems likely that the publicity given to Dream Cream will motivate the major drug companies to bring out rival versions. It looks like the prelude to a multi-billion-dollar business as more and more doctors recognise that women want a good sex life and are prepared to get vocal about it.

"I suppose you'd like a sample," said the doctor as I left. I said I supposed I would. He produced a tiny jar, enough for one application. I suppose you want to know what happened next. Well, the dog has just been sick and the kids are fighting over the TV remote. This stuff is meant to be good, but I don't know if it can raise the dead.