Mens Journal

G-spot in a Bottle

This just in: Viagra cream for women.

Take out the booty," said my paramour, Jewish Adonis. I looked nervously at the middle-aged women eating at the next table and removed a foil package from my handbag. Gleaming inside were our evening's plans: a tube of Viagra ointment and a tube of Dream Cream No. 3. The waitress came over and asked if we wanted anything else. "I think we're all set," I said.

With men popping the blue guys left and right, women have begun demanding equal treatment. Manhattan's Dr. Jed Kaminetsky started experimenting with topical Viagra in 1998, when he found that some inorgasmic women taking the pills were experiencing side effects. He mixed sildenafil citrate (Viagra's active ingredient) into a cream and whipped up another ointment from L-arginine, an amino acid that stimulates blood flow to the genitals, among other places. Instead of blue vision and bad headaches, the side effect was an occasional mild burning sensation. In time, though, Kaminetsky discovered that the potions really worked better as enhancers for more easily orgasmic women. "It's more of a special-occasion thing," he says. "They might make orgasm easier to reach or more intense. What's good feels better, and what's great feels better."

Eager to learn if he was right, I accosted Adonis as soon as we got back to his place. We got in bed and rolled around for a while as I sighed happily. He squeezed out some sildenafil. It felt cold and pasty. The night before, I had done a solo test on another amino-acid-based preparation, Doctor's Lotion. Although it reeked to high heaven, it went on smoothly and gave me an extra-long orgasm. After five minutes on sildenafil, I started to feel pretty good and warm -- almost too warm. I was more excited than usual, but I felt detached, as if my vagina had taken on a life of her own. After about seven more minutes -- less time than it usually takes me -- I exploded in a fabulous, strong orgasm. Soon after, Adonis erupted, too.

In the morning, he rubbed the Dream Cream on me and we did it spoon style. It stung less than sildenafil, yet I was so busy making mental comparisons that I couldn't make the hurdle. Adonis snuggled up against me and asked, "Overall, what'd you think?"

"They made my body hot, but not my mind." My new friend and I had gotten so caught up in experimenting that we'd neglected the necessities, like talking a little and getting in the mood -- which isn't to say some people won't appreciate the extra kick. Adonis sniffled. "Don't be upset," I said. "I still respect you."

"I'm not," he said. "I think I'm allergic to that cream."

By: Amy Sohn